butchr. hotel california BBQ Box



Inspired by the music of the legendary rock band the Eagles this box is not about “Life in the Fast Lane” it’s all about the need to “Take it Easy”. Why not give it a go “One of these Nights“ and “Take it to the Limit” it will leave you with a “Peaceful Easy Feeling”

Full Rack of our Bourbon Meaty Pork Ribs

2kg Long and Slow Kansas Style Brisket

2kg Black Cajun Rubbed Pork Collar for Pulling.

So you don’t have any “Wasted Time” we have included 5 Hand Made Gourmet Beef Steak Burgers and 5 of our Famous Foot Long pork sausages to keep you going, but “In the Long Run” it will be worth the wait

This BBQ is for the more advanced outdoor chef, get it wrong there may be some “Heartache Tonight” but you’ll just have to “Get Over it”, get it right and you’ll have enough delicious food to keep you going until a “Tequila Sunrise”, you can “check out any time you like, but your never gonna want to leave” and “No More Cloudy Nights”. The only downside, with all this finger licking goodness you may have some “Dirty Laundry” to sort out in the morning

Put together by “the New Kid in Town” with “The Best of our Love”

Master Butchr. Tips
Storage Information
Keep in refrigerator below 8c follow use by on the label. Suitable for home freezing for 12 months if frozen immediately on receipt. Use within 4 days of defrost
Nutritional Information
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