carnivore gourmet burger kit (feeds 6)


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All the ingredients you need for 6 people to create our carnivore burger, the same style of burger you would get in a gourmet burger joint for less than half the price, we even provide you with the method and the recipe to put everything together. Warning this burger takes some eating

6 Home Made Gourmet Beef Steak Burgers 6oz
750gms of blackened Cajun Pork Collar for pulling
12 slices of our own Curious Pig Maple Jack Smoked Dry Cured Streaky Bacon
12 slices of Kerrymaid Easymelt Burger Cheese
6 Multiseed Chia Rustic Rolls by Speciality Breads
Bottle of Original Mississipi Barbecue Sauce
Master Butchr. Tips
Storage Information
Keep in refrigerator below 8c follow use by on the label. Suitable for home freezing for 12 months if frozen immediately on receipt. Use within 4 days of defrost
Nutritional Information
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