The Big 50 BBQ Box


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50 items for only £50 (£75 value)

Our Big 50 Barbecue Box is ideal for a larger gathering or, as everything is fresh take advantage of this deal and put some in the freezer.
Box contains:
10 Smokey Marinaded Prime British Sirloin Steaks 5oz
10 Hand Made Gourmet Beef Steak Burgers 5oz
10 Honey Chicken Breast Skewers 120gm
10 Award Winning Curious Pig Traditional Pork Sausages
10 Tennessee Smoked Chicken Thighs and Drums
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Master Butchr. Tips
Storage Information
Keep in refrigerator below 8c follow use by on the label. Suitable for home freezing for 12 months if frozen immediately on receipt. Use within 4 days of defrost
Nutritional Information
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