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Heritage Breed Beef

What makes our beef so special?

All butchr. beef is sourced from Assured British Farms predominently from the West Country where we are situated to reduce food miles and minimise animal stress when transported.

We use native heritage breed cattle that graze outdoors on grass, slowly grown, this ensures that the beef is packed full of natural flavour. The beef animals are raised to the highest standards of animal welfare and husbandry.

When we receive the beef it is dry aged in our bespoke maturation room for between 5 and 6 weeks depending on the cut. This intensifies the flavour and enhances the tenderness of the beef.

Our Range

Beef Roasting Joints

Choose from our selection of quality roasting joints. From lean topside to the King of Roasts a Fine Carvery Rib

Beef Mince, Dice & Braise

There is nothing better than a hearty stew, casserole or curry. Lovely mince for a bollognaise or your own burgers. 

Black Label Dry Aged Steaks

We use Art & Science to mature our steaks for the ultimate depth of flavour and tenderness.

Beef manVsteaks

We are well known for our supersize steaks, if you are up for a challenge or simply want to share one of our giant steaks.