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Curiously Satisfying !

Proper Bacon and Sausages made how they should be

Happy Pigs

We only use British free range or outdoor reared pigs for all our bacon and sausages

Natural Ingredients

We search high and low to ensure we only use the finest ingredients for all our recipes

Artisan Skills

Over 50 years producing the finest sausages and British charcuterie.

Quality Assured

We operate from a SALSA Approved factory on a farm in Dorset.

Curious Pig Dry Cure Bacon

It takes 120gms of pork to make 100gms of our bacon, no added water here

We dry cure all our bacon by hand using our own recipes, unlike commercially available bacon where up to 30% extra weight is achieved by adding water we actually lose moisture in our curing process. This means less shrinkage when cooking and none of that unsavoury white scum associated with ordinary bacon.

From our Gold Award winning traditional dry cure and beech smoked back bacon to the distinctive flavour of our infamous Maple Jack bacon we have a range of bacon to appeal to all tastes

Curious Gluten Free Sausages

We only make 2 sausage varieties, take your pick, flip a coin their both great.

The Curious Traditional Sausage is an authentic butcher’s sausage, lightly seasoned to enhance the flavour of the pork. A light smidgen of white pepper gives them a lovely moreish aftertaste. Ideal for breakfast and the kids will absolutely love them.

The Curious Devonshire Sausage is a more rustic farmhouse style sausage, coarser cut with aliberal dusting of sage and cracked black pepper for a more robust flavour. Ideal for breakfast but also lovely in toad in the hole or bangers & mash

Join the Curious Breakfast Club

Regularly enjoy a Luxury Curious Breakfast by signing up to one of our Monthly Boxes

Traditional Pork Sausage

Beech Smoked Back Bacon

Dry Cure Back Bacon

Maple Jack Back Bacon

Beech Smoked Back Bacon

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