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We hope you are as passionate about BBQ as we are


Everything we put in our barbecue range is produced in house and we are constantly coming up with new ideas, we just love it.

And you can buy it all year round. BONUS!

butchr. barbecue pick & mix

butchr. barbecue slow and low

The latest trend in barbecue is moving away from the traditional burger and sausage bbq in the UK to more advanced techniques like home smoking and reverse sear cooking. Why not take your BBQ to the next level with some of our more advanced cuts

butchr. recommended steaks for bbq

There are some steaks we simply recommend for the barbecue, either they are larger steaks or carry more marbling, they just cook well outdoors

butchr. bbq boxes

butchr. barbecue menu

Why not chose one of our curated barbecue options, priced on a per head basis, simply use the quick view option to see what’s on the menu and add the number of people and guests you are serving in the quantity field. Serve 1, a family of 4, a small group gathering or even a massive party your choice. SIMPLE!
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